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Welcome to which was written to introduce you tow
my new book, Diet Buddies: A 
Weight Loss Plan for the Whole Family.The book is written for the parents of overeating or overweight kids and teens. Actually, I try to avoid the term "obesity." It is a medical 
term that is somewhat disparaging
to the average parent.

     My Statement of Purpose 

This book was written over the past
5 years  during which time Ii saw more and more of my  overweight adult patients bringing in their overweight kids and teens and asking for help. 

Not being a pediatrician, I was at first reluctant to get involved. After a while, I realized that the busy
pediatricians in Miami were either 
too busy or unable to help my patient's kids and teens. Usually they would simply tell the parents (often both weighing 250 lbs or more with diabetes and hypertension ) that their child would "outgrow" the problem and that it was politically incorrect to dwell on "appearance." Some of the
pediatricians would simply tell the
parents to tell the child to "eat less
and exercise more."

Recognizing that these were not the
answers to the problem, I began to
see the overweight children along
with their parents.

Diet Buddies describes my 
experience over the past five
years helping families-both parents and children to reverse their 
overeating, lose weight if necessary
and learn better eating habits. 

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Diet Buddies
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Richard L. Lipman M.D. a board certified internist and endocrinologist has treated more than 30,000 adult patients with weight and metabolic disorders in his office in Miami, Fl. He received his M.D. degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. He did his internship and residence at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Hospitals.  Medical Center Hospitals.

 Dr Lipman joined the Air Force in 1968 and served as Assistant Chief of Endocrinology at the USAF Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. While in the Air Force he authored more than 10 medical studies on metabolism. 

Following his Air Force duty he studied endocrinology at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital for two years. He has published more than 20 medical studies regarding metabolic disorders.

  He has practiced internal medicine and endocrinology in South Miami, Fl for the past 35 years. Dr. Lipman is a staff member of Larkin and Cedars Hospital in Miami, a charter member of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists and a member of the American Diabetes Association and the American Association of Bariatric Physicians. Diet Buddies is Dr Lipman’s 6th book on metabolism and weight loss. 

Preview Diet Buddies
A Weight Loss Plan for the Whole Family—That Really Works

Eat less, move more. We’ve heard that advice for decades. The reality? 1/3 of children and 2/3 of adults are overweight or obese. 

Weight loss in the 21st century requires a different approach. Diet Buddies offers parents a realistic plan to reverse overeating for your overweight child and for every member of the family. The Diet Buddies program is an effortless system to lose weight and keep it off using small and (truly) simple changes, without sacrificing many of the convenient foods you enjoy.

Diet Buddies is far different than most adult diet plans. There are no special foods or recipes. No exchanging one food for another. No counting, weighing, or shopping for exotic foods or drinks. Most meals won’t change—so nothing will be missed!

Dr Lipman’s personal experience as an overweight child offers unique insight into the dynamics of weight loss within families. He explains the psychological obstacles to weight loss and how to overcome them. 

Diet Buddies shows you how to determine the two or three food or beverage mistakes causing 70% of weight gain and then directs your family to smarter choices. Often just making a single food or beverage change will help an overeating child or adult reach a normal weight.

In this book, you’ll learn the power of a few straightforward tools and techniques:

- Waist Line Number — the most effective way to determine if your child is overeating or overweight. It takes no more than a tape measure.

- The Diet Buddy Table — discover the short list of food and beverages that are most responsible for weight gain.

- Exergames — offering the excitement of video gaming, exergames let kids and parents have fun and burn hundreds of extra calories.

Diet Buddies offers real help for parents, teens and children who are struggling with their weight, and lets the family work together as a team to get healthy! 

Diet Buddies: A Weight Loss Plan for the Whole Family

About Richard Lipman M.D.-Endocrinologist and Author

Why do most parents have so much difficulty with their overeating or overweight children?

Maybe it’s because as parents we were all taught to be nourishing, provide love and take care of all the needs of our children. Our love is often identified by feeding. No one wants to be confronted with the fact that they are not as good a parent as they should be.

 Surprisingly, millions of parents of overweight children are more concerned about an underweight child than an overweight child!. 

80% of the parents thought their children to be only “slightly overweight” or even “normal.” when they are grossly obese.

  If you suspect your child or teen is overeating or overweight , don't rationalize it as a “phase.” Chances are the problem won't go away. Ignoring your child's eating problems can lead to more serious problems in the future. Bad eating habits take time to learn and are difficult and sometimes almost impossible to change. On the other hand giving your overeating child a diet, restricting foods or insisting that they eat different foods from other family members will only lead to more eating in the end.

As a parent you might think that talking about your overeating kids and teens is politically incorrect and less emphasis should be placed on body weight and appearance. You may fear talking about overeating with a daughter will produce an eating disorder later in life. If you struggled with your weight as a child you may be even more sensitive about the problems and do not want to use disparaging terms about your children, especially if playground bullies taunted you years ago.

  However, excess weight gain is a serious problem. If you ignore overeating in your child or teen, he or she will gain weight and suffer not only the problems that obese adults experience- high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes but anxiety, depression and problems due to low self esteem. 

You may have already witnessed the terrible teasing your overweight kids and teens are subjected to from their peers. It’s the teasing and ridicule that your children face that may even be more detrimental than their weight.  

Recognizing Overeating in Kids

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​ Book Review November 20, 2012
by Peggy Morin 

Absolutely fresh! Dr. Lipman’s book is surprisingly fresh in a world that has as many diet books as it does cookbooks! His focus is on adolescents and teenagers and he does a great job on capturing the very real dynamics of that age group that sets the stage for so much of what is to come in their lives. Without understanding those dynamics and addressing them, a diet method would be just that and only that – a method. What is so fresh about Dr. Lipman’s book is that his approach relates at every step to those adolescent and teenage dynamics and with great wisdom and insight he subtlety marries them to a simple, realistic, and unique plan of action. He takes the agony out of the whole concept of dieting as we all know it but neither is his approach fluff. He has everything in this easy to read fairly short e-book to make one a believer. You become engaged in the process and it doesn’t require you to be a brainiac, or to jump through hoops that are too small, complex, or boring. Thank you Dr. Lipman for this beautiful and loving approach to childhood obesity. I will not hesitate to recommend it. ~ Peg Morin

John C.: Tampa, Fl 
"What precisely can I say? This book is not only practical but lifesaving, life transforming for boys and girls that are obese, and in risk of serious health complications. This e-book gives a great strategy, some really excellent recipes, and an exercise plan and assistance that your youngster will be willing to adhere to, without feeling miserable. My son was only moderately overweight.. I was about 20 lbs. overweight as well. We are pretty energetic, generally eat well, but he is not always with me. He was making some unhealthier choices at school lunch and at his mother’s house. He now has a greater understanding of the link between exercise, eating and healthy weight. Both he and I are happy with our lean physique. Since we area much healthier mentality, it is less complicated to maintain. Dr Lipman’s suggestion of exergames was a great idea. We play every weekend on the Wii."


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